Wirecast 4.3 Adds Multiview Support Via New Live Thumbnails


Wirecast is known for its low cost but high quality streaming tools that turn your computer into a video switcher. We use Wirecast ever weekend it has been one of the best upgrades we have made in recent memory. With features like: multi-format streaming, desktop presenter, graphic overlays, bro you can see why we love it, but some pros still aren’t impressed.

The main feature that is missing in Wirecast is mulitview, the ability to view live video from all connected cameras on 1 screen. This feature makes it simple and easy for producers/video switchers to pick which shot is best.

In version 4.3 Wirecast didn’t add true multiview, but they added the next best thing: Live Thumbnails.


Now all of your source thumbnails show a live preview at all times. You can resize these thumbnails to provide yourself a very clear view of your shots.

Now this does add extra processing to the CPU/GPU so there is an option to turndown the framerate or totally disable live thumbnails to improve performance.

Are you a Wirecast user? What do you think of the new feature?

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