YouTube Announces Free Live Streaming For All Channels with 100+ Subscribers


During VidCon YouTube posted that they were cutting the number of subscribers need to use it live streaming platform back from 1,000 to just 100.

You heard that right, if you can buy Youtube likes to get yourself to the point where you can find 100 people to subscribe to your channel, you can now Live Stream for FREE. The channel was almost to the previously needed 1,000 mark but with this new change you might see Live Streaming coming soon!

They also made custom thumbnails, external annotations and series playlists more accessible to channels with low subscriber counts.

Your channel need to be in good standing(don’t break copyright laws) to get these features.

Start Streaming

Check your Account Features page for an “Enable” button to get started.

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If you are a non profit agency, like a church, you can create Google for non profits account, including Youtube for non profits, and then YouTube Live streaming is available too, regardless of number of subscribers.


or just register as non-profit


UCstreaming has ad free hd video streaming accounts for free.

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